Viscus Fluids-1 Complete Notes

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Brief History of viscus fluids-I

Fluids with a strong resistance to deformation or flow are called viscous fluids. Unlike non-viscous fluids like ideal gases, which do not display shear stresses when exposed to external pressures like pressure gradients, viscous fluids exist. The viscosity or resistance to flow of a fluid changes with changes in its temperature, type, and pressure.

Fluid physics, biology, materials science, and other areas of science and technology all need to know about thick fluids. In fluid physics, for example, the Navier-Stokes equations describe how viscous fluids behave. These equations say that mass, motion, and energy must stay the same in a fluid.

Turbulence and other complex flow patterns are hallmarks of viscous fluids. When it is exposed to high levels of shear stress, it is a kind of chaotic flow, occurs in a fluid. When fluids of different viscosities mix or when one fluid flows through another, shear stresses are created.

Important property of viscous fluids

Non-Newtonian behaviour is another crucial characteristic of viscous fluids. Shear stress and the rate of deformation are linearly related in Newtonian fluids. While Newtonian fluids’ viscosity remains relatively constant as shear stress increases, non-Newtonian fluids can undergo shear thinning (where the viscosity decreases with increasing shear rate) or shear thickening (where the viscosity increases with increasing shear rate).

The study of materials cannot ignore the contributions of viscous fluids. Adhesives, coatings, and gels that may be made using them are just some of the many things. Furthermore, viscous fluids have a crucial role in biology. They are employed in the investigation of cellular and tissue dynamics as well as blood flow mechanics.

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